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Saturday, 23 May 2009 03:33

We are the combined Cycle Power Plant Maker...

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Nature and scope of service 


OPBE company limited aimed to work mainly in the electrical, instrument and mechanical fields.Which the personnel were particularly experienced. However, the expasion and diversification have become necessary to serve extensive customer requirements, at present the company separates itself into 3 engineering for different scope of service as follows:

1. Electrical system installation 

This is the business of company, the division is capable to serve all kinds of industrial factory, and kind of commercial building. Its service may include all materials and labors in turnkey basis or only labors for very large scale projects. 

1.1 Scope of works 

General Works 

Scope of works for electrical system installation of any project generally includes installation of the followings:

 HV line system12-33kv., i.e. overhead pole line 
 Underground insulated cable.
 Power Distribution Transformer
 Emergency or Standby Diesel Generating Set
 HV. Switchboard and Switchgear 12-33 k.v. and L.V. 0.4 kv.
 Cable distribution to mechanics, laying on cable tray, wire way or conduit
 Lighting System
 Telephone System, Sound System, MATV, and CCTV system
 Fire Alarm and Building Automation System
 Lighting Protection System 





Example above, 10Mw gas turbine operating by natural gas fuel and will be applied for Syngas conversation. 


Special Works

Other than general works mentioned above, there may be some kinds of works which require particular experiences of engineer or specialist, the company can also provide the efficientservice for the followings:

 Emergency Power Supply
 Works in Hazardous Area
 Outdoor Substation
 Switchboards Manufacturing

Also including replacement or modification work for switchboard at their locations, under the condition of very limited time and guarantee completion schedule.



1.2 Type of service

Mainly as the contractor of electrical system installation, the company can further offer for the following service.
 Design, compute, estimate and give consult 
 Construct, assembly, modify, repair and preventive maintenance for HV/LV 
 Be subcontractor for large scale project / manpower supply 

1.3 Type of project and can be performed Industrial Factories

The company can provide services for any kind of factory. However, as advantage it also have particular experiences in the past.

 Commercial Buildings
The electrical system for high buildings. Such as office building, department store, shopping center or plaza, hotel, condominium, hospital, etc.
 Government House buildings
The electrical for home land building which government subsidize, etc. 
Large scale projects, which may contain both industrial factory and commercial building Characteristic, such as general infra-structure projects, airport, seaport, sky train, etc. 


Industrial experience



2. Switchboard Manufacturings 
The target customers will include the company ?s installation division itself, any customers as the end
users and contractor who may supply equipments but require only assembly and wiring. 

Type of switchboards can be manufactured

Most kinds of LV and HV switchboard have voltage rating from 0.4 to 33kv. and current rating from very low to 6000 Ampare. 

 HV equipment witch SF6 CB, Vacuum CB, LBS 
 LV Main Distribution Board 
 Motor Control Center 
 Capacitor Bank 
 Emergency system and Auto Transfer Switch 
 Control Board with synoptically flow chart 
 Instrument equipment on board 
 Metering system 
 Transformer / Bus duct 
 Ladder / Cable tray / Wire way 



3. Civil Engineering and Construction
With Wibe's background as an experienced manufacturer and installer, the move into contracting for complete turnkey green field sites was a natural one. Today Wibe has added a full-scale civil works service to its earlier undertakings. Wibe takes charge of:

Mast installation, inspection and maintenance services

 Soil preparation
 Foundation works
 Logistics and installation of shelters, antennas, links and feeders
 Mast and tower installations
 Service and maintenance
 Leasing of installation teams
 Steel sheet piling
 Driving equipment
 Pile driving precaution
 Tolerances in driving
 Cutting and splicing sheet piling


 Contractors plant, equipment and other facilities
 Proportioning of concrete
 Materials for concrete
 Production of concrete
 Concrete placing
 Method of Treatment of joints an embedded items
 Curing and protection of concrete
 Excavation of concrete strength
 Surface finishes
 Repair of concrete surface
 Waterproof membrane and waterproof felts

Building construction

 Concrete and reinforcement
 Brick masonry
 Floor finishes
 Wall finishes
 Ceiling works
 Structural steelwork for roof truss
 Asbestos cement roofing tiles
 Steel rolling shutter doors
 Doors and windows
 Water supply and sanitary services
 Nameplate, flag pole, guard shed, fencing and elevated tank with electrical pump

4. Mechanical Engineering
Design, supply and installation of
 Process gas
 Compressed air installation
 Heat exchanger
 Pressure vessels
 Cooling tower installation and maintenance
 Cooling tower part
 Agitator / Mixer
 Chiller installation and maintenance
 Steam turbine overhaul and provide
 Gas turebine overhaul and provide
 Motor overhaul and provide
 Generator overhaul and provide





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